To successfully transform your business as well as your workforce into a digital organization

Powerful analytics that goes beyond your organization

Unless usual workplace, ensure that your team works under digital workplace. This will helps for work flow assigning and tracking, attendance tracking, employee performance monitoring and lead management including capture, enrich, qualify a lead and acquire new customers by instant follow-ups. It saves time and improves the production efficiency of any business.

Web Services

AI Mail can be trained to understand the context of your emails and propose valuable time saving actions or carry out automated workflows on integrated legacy systems.

Marketing Studio

Reach your audience, wherever they are Marketing Studio automates a contextual and defined campaigns from centralized panel. Campaigns such as email campaign, SMS campaign, Facebook ads, Google Ads, push notifications, etc. It helps to optimize your audience’s experience across multi-channel communication and build better customer relationships by customizing the quality of your campaign. Also you can track your campaigns status in systematic dashboard.

Track Eye

It’s a field employee monitoring software help to manage the field task of your employee easily and keep an eye on your sales team’s progress. You can keep tracking the location of the employee, preallocate the customer spot, etc

NDE Connect

365 days Creative Images for Your Business:
Personalized greetings with your company logo, details and product/service information will help you to promote your business along with festival wishes and greetings. Greeting images just which you needed, get unique festival & wishes greeting images which allow you to be in touch with your customers

Sync Book

Build Lasting Customer Relationship Contacts scattered? No worries. Keep all your contacts in one place. You can manage, segment, or update the contacts by tracking the behavioral activities on their timeline. Also, help to increase your conversion efficiency by segregating the high potential users from web activities, email responses, deliver, open and click rates and a lot. Try it and love it!

Enterprise Services

Experience our IT managed services incorporated with latest IT resources and services to avail you a continuous, secured and agile business methodology. We assure you a contingency-free IT infrastructure so that you never witness adversities such as lapses in taking backups and updating security patches, through our routine IT infrastructure monitoring and management services.

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