Is your hosting company of Indian origin? Do you host websites in India?

Yes, we are a web hosting company based in India since 2012. Nowdigitaleasy has now evolved into an international hosting company providing web hosting services around the globe with data centers in six different countries, including India. We provide web hosting in India. If you are hosting a website for Indian users, you can choose to host it on our Indian data centers to get lightning-fast loading speed. Our server network also has a low latency rate that assures a fast FTP connection.

Why choose Nowdigitaleasy hosting?

Our establishment for web hosting in India is since 2012, we have helped thousands of customers to launch their ideas and businesses online. Our top-end services along with cheap web hosting plans have allowed small business owners particularly, to focus on their actual business rather than worrying about several issues which can rise due to an unreliable web host.

What all features are offered in these web hosting plans?

Every hosting account comes with several features like SSL, bandwidth, SSD storage, emails, website builder, control panel and an efficient technical support team available round the clock for 365 days.

How do I buy a domain name on Nowdigitaleasy?

It’s simple! Follow these steps to buy a domain name on Nowdigitaleasy:

– Head to the Domains section, linked here or through the Menu – Use the Search bar to look for a Domain Name of your choice – If your desired domain name is available, simply ‘Add to Cart’, – Next provide your billing and payment details – Review the information and ensure the data is correct – Choose your payment method & you’re done!

Is Domain Privacy + Protection worth it?

When you purchase a domain name, your personal information is registered to your domain and can be found in the public WHOIS directory. In order to keep your information private you want to utilise Nowdigitaleasy’s Domain Privacy + Protection, which also helps protect you from spam and identity theft by keeping your personal information concealed and instead listing generic Nowdigitaleasy contact information. Domain Privacy + Protection also scans the website you created with your domain and alerts you if there are any changes made or if there is any harmful malware.

Do I have to buy hosting along with a domain name?

Not necessarily! We don’t force you to buy the domain names along with the hosting. Infact you get a domain free with our selected web hosting plans. If you already have a domain registered you can use your existing domain name with our hosting or buy a domain elsewhere and point it to the server with Nowdigitaleasy.

However, you would find it easier and convenient to have the same provider for both hosting and domain name as these are two different services. If you want to transfer your existing domain name to your Nowdigitaleasy hosting, get in touch with our support team.

How is Nowdigitaleasy’s technical support?

Nowdigitaleasy has proved itself as an excellent provider for web hosting in India with an impeccable customer support record. In fact, we take pride in our support team as our clients have highly acclaimed our technical support with great reviews and ratings on major critic sites and platforms like Google, Trustpilot, HostAdvice, HostReview, WPBlogging, etc. We have also received a commendation from HostAdvice for our great customer support. Whatever issues or queries you have with our hosting, we are always ready to answer and actively resolve them. You can chat with us anytime and we will always respond to you no matter what time it is or whatever it is that went wrong with our service. We are at your beck-and-call 24/7 for all the days of the year, even on holidays. Our support team is highly trained and gives quick yet precise responses to your queries to help you resolve any issues with your hosting. You can even mail us at support@Nowdigitaleasy.com Additionally, you get access to our vast knowledgebase, blogs and video tutorials that will help you with the troubleshooting process.

I have a website with a different host, can I transfer its hosting to Nowdigitaleasy?

Of course, you can! We would love to have you! All you have to do is get in touch with our technical support via our live chat or mail us at support@Nowdigitaleasy.com. Give them the login details for the website migration and sit back while we do everything. Nowdigitaleasy does not charge any fees for website migrations.

Need help? Call our support team at +91-4324​-267267