A One Stop Solution Offering

Consolidate Customer Communication on a Single Platform

Create and deliver marketing campaigns across Email, SMS, Voice, Push Notification, In-App, and Web Messages, and Custom Audience. Optimise your campaigns to better engage your customers throughout their lifecycle.

Browser Notification

Perfectly suitable for all business. We offer a diverse range of hosting services such as web, mail and blog hosting at an affordable prices.

Web Messaging

It’s time to begin your domain Registration faster and easier than ever. We have simplified the entire Registration process to make it easy for you.


An easy way to drive traffic to your business newest and exciting tool for your business ventures


With NDE , takes times to reach a bigger crowd! Send messages to multiple contacts with just a click of a button.

Manage your Existing Contact List, Seamlessly

Import lists from your CRM and use it for multiple campaigns. Create segments from these lists to improve your targeting. Save these segments for the future or create ones from scratch to serve the objective of diverse SMS campaigns.