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Employee Tracking System

Eliminate the On-field challenges using our Employee Tracking System and help your employees in their field work along with their live tracking. The Task Management module in our Employee Tracking Application allows your employees to manage all work-related tasks starting from attendance making to reporting with just a Mobile App. It also helps in measuring employee productivity and thus it works as employee productivity tracking software. Apart from employee tracking, it offers many amazing features like Employee Attendance management, task management, leave management, expense management, performance tracking and so on.

Keep Track on Employees Attendance and Leave

The system provides systematic employee attendance and leaves management features that allow managers to keep track of employee attendance. Employees can apply for leave from their mobile App and leave can be approved or rejected by the manager from the same employee tracking application.

Daily Task Planning and Execution

The on-field Employees can add their daily tasks like meeting with clients, follow-ups, or other on-site visits from the employee tracking application. Besides,  viewing the performance of the employees and their daily to-do list, the manager can also assign tasks to any employee, anytime, anywhere.

Employee Expense

The employees can also add their expenses with the attachment of bills and receipts through this employee tracking application. On the other side, the manager can manage the expenses added by the on-field Employees along with easy verification.

Meeting Audio Recording

This feature allows recording the conversation between the employees and the clients in the meeting. A company can be benefited in many ways with this like tracking the meetings, evidence in any dispute, knowing the actual requirement, behavior of employee or client in the meeting and many more.

Employee Performance Analysis

The system not only provides the analysis of the performance of every employee daily but also benefits with the comparison graph of performance between all the employees based on their task execution, task delays, and other performance criteria.

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